Taking Care of Tahoe


Watch For Fall Workshops

Alignment around a Shared Vision

Lake Tahoe’s communities and economy are rooted in recreation and tourism, touching the lives of all who work, live, and play here. The region is coming together to create a shared destination stewardship plan that will balance the needs of the environment, businesses, visitors, and local communities. This new shared strategy will inspire all to take care of Tahoe.


There are opportunities to engage in the process and be heard, including upcoming virtual visioning and feedback workshops in English and Spanish. Sign up for the News to get updates and other workshop invites, and to stay involved.


Watch here for additional public workshops in English and Spanish.

New approaches for growing challenges

This planning process will collectively redefine how destination management can better serve the greater Tahoe region – now and into the future. The plan will help address recent pressures while optimizing the value of recreation and tourism in a changing world.

Everyone has a role in this, from residents, visitors, and second homeowners, to recreation land managers, business owners, visitors authorities, and local government partners – we all share the desire and responsibility to take care of Tahoe.

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