Taking Care of Tahoe

Shared Vision:

Tahoe is a cherished place, welcoming to all, where people, communities, and nature benefit from a thriving tourism and outdoor recreating economy

Alignment around a Shared Vision

The region created a shared vision to address critical challenges and improve the Tahoe experience – for all – through a comprehensive, collaborative approach. This Shared Vision was shaped over the past year by extensive public engagement, research tools and approaches, and a thorough analysis of how Tahoe’s famed tourism and outdoor recreation experience impacts the region. This vision represents the desired outcome of the Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan.

Strategic Pillars and Actions

The Shared Vision for Tahoe is built upon four Strategic Pillars. By acting on all four Strategic Pillars, the Shared Vision can be achieved. Within the plan, each of these Strategic Pillars encompasses a major goal along with objectives and priority action steps to achieve it.

  • Foster A Tourism Economy That Gives Back
  • Turn A Shared Vision Into Shared Action
  • Shape The Tahoe Experience For All
  • Advance A Culture Of Caring For Tahoe

The plan includes 32 actions organized by strategic pillar that will help implement the shared vision.


New approaches for growing challenges

As this plan was being drafted and before its publication, the newly formed Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Council, hit the ground running by acting on initial priorities and rallying both new and existing members to contribute financial and human resources.

Demonstrating Tahoe’s characteristic resilience, dedication, and strong penchant for collaboration, commitments to new funding were secured, existing programs were reinforced, and new initiatives were developed with an eye toward the shared vision for Tahoe. This is a work plan to keep teams on track and moving forward toward the shared goals of fostering a tourism economy that gives back, advancing a culture of caring, and improving the Tahoe experience for all.


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